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Extract from Coarse Fishing in Northern France

“The time is 6.30 pm, the setting sun is reflected in the glass buildings of nearby La Défense, and the elevated metro track returns commuters to the suburbs. A light wind blows on the river Seine. It’s just ten minutes from the Champs-Elysées; specimen carp and Wels catfish, of unsuspected size, reside in the Seine bringing happiness to Parisian specimen hunters.”
- Expert French angler Nicholas Vernier on the river Seine in the heart of Paris at Neuilly-sur-Seine.

“If your aim is to pursue big carp then the river Seine is the sort of venue to launch your attack. The confluence of the Yonne and Seine rivers produced the French record carp to Marcel Rouvière in 1980 it weighed 81lb 4oz. It’s a challenging river but one which can pay you back with fantastic results, if you are prepared to put the effort in.”
- British angling expert Ron Woodward spends his summer holidays fishing in France.

“Over the years I’ve accumulated many good memories. One interesting thing happened in 2005 on Lac du Der – found in Marne department (eastern France). I was daytime fishing and in the afternoon I lost a fish because it cut me off around snag. The following morning I returned to the same swim. After an hour I got a take and landed a mirror carp weighing 16kg which had my rig, with the bait still attached in its mouth. The chances of hooking the same fish, on 4,800ha water, twice within twenty four hours, on the same rig and bait from the same swim are pretty slim.”
- Renowned angler Christian Finkelde previously held the world record for a common carp at 76lb 7oz caught in 2005.


Three locations described in Coarse Fishing in Northern France 

Jardin Anglais Lake at Fontainebleau in Seine and Marne department (eastern France): carp caught at Fontainebleau are said to date back to the reign of Francis I, the first French king to stock carp; in his ponds at Fontainebleau. Hence the origin of the name "Royale carp."

Lac du Der Chantecoq is found near Giffaumont in marne department (eastern France): Lac du Der Chantecoq is one of the most famous of all French public fishing lakes. When full it covers an area in excess of 4,800ha. It was built in 1974 and is the second largest reservoir in Europe. Forget any pre-conceived notions about fishing this lake, English style. It’s a massive sheet of water and fishing conditions change constantly, according to the water level and the weather. In spite of its large size it’s a very prolific carp fishery, containing a huge head of carp in excess of 60lb recorded catch weight. Without doubt, if you’re looking for your first 40lb carp, then Chantecoq will offer you an excellent opportunity. Thirty swims reserved exclusively for night fishing.

Vendée is located in central west France, just south of Brittany and north of La Rochelle, and within two to five hours driving time of the ferry ports: in Vendée department there are 4,500km of waterways and 1,300ha of lakes. On the Sèvre Nantaise, Vie, Lay, Maine, Sèvre Niortaise rivers or on wonderful lakes called Mervent and Angle Guignard, anglers can catch zander, pike, carp and other fish species.

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