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Extracts from Coarse Fishing in Southern France

“In January 2010 the world carp record was broken by British angler Martin Locke with a huge mirror carp weighing 94lb caught from Rainbow Lake in Gironde department (33) located in south west France near Bordeaux. And the same fish had set Martin’s previous personal best of 84lb back in September 2008.”
- Angling Times Newspaper

“The Charente is the best carp fishing river in the department. The fish are numerous, possess a great fighting spirit and are infrequently fished for. Most of the carp are either common or mirror carp; their elongated forms are typical of river, as opposed to fatter lake fish. 9kg specimens are par for the course, although 13kg to 18kg fish are well represented. The official record for the river Charente is 22.6kg but even bigger carp are known to exist here!”
- Francois Xavier Secher is fisheries officer with the Tourism office in Charente and has has spent most of his life fishing for carp

“There are few trout in this part of the river Dordogne but in tributary streams like the charming little Céou, they are plentiful. Carp are abundant but they are very difficult to take with the line except in times of flood when they get washed out of their holes and in the muddy depths they can’t see very well. Then a lucky cast will often bring out two or three carp weighing several pounds each. The most common fish caught are mullet, perch, barbel, gudgeon, bream and chub. Owing to its rapid current and purity of water, the fish is of excellent quality”
- Edward Harrison Barker wrote a book called "Two Summers in Guyenne" about his fishing trips to Beynac in 1894


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