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My name is Phil Pembroke,                     I write guide books about fly, sea and coarse fishing in Spain, France and Portugal. Based primarily on a DIY approach, with contributions from local expert anglers.


My webpage, about places to go fishing in Spain provides free fishing maps of Spain:

Nothing compares to ordering a pint of Guiness - a favourite drink, in my local Romford bar and nothing compares to a two week holiday spent fishing for carp at my local lake in Dagenham, East London.

But the quest continues, to organise more fishing downtime. Fishing Ben El Quidaine lake in Morocco for virgin carp, with friends in 2007 was a wonderful experience. To learn more about my Morocccan carp fishing adventure read my blog by clicking here.

I have spent time fishing for Bighead carp in north east China in 2010 and drunk the local whiskey. 2014 is the Chinese year of the horse and I'll be in touch with the Asda butcher to see if they can rustle up a few choice cuts.

Recently, I have learned how to spin for aspe and zander on Poland might Vistula River, and to drink vodka like a local - well almost.

My blog has fishing and travel stories from near -  fishing for Atlantic salmon in Spain, and far - catching Bighead carp in China.

A Bighead carp catch, its head commands a high price from Beijing's restaurants. (Changchun, north east China, 2009).