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Fishing in the Czech Republic


Jiří Moravec is an expert Czech fishing guide who has written the first ever book in English language about the inumerable fishing opportunites to be found in his native country's multitude of rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

Freshwater Fishing in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a long tradition of freshwater fish farming. It’s no wonder that sport fishing is a very popular hobby in the Czech Republic and has a long tradition as well. The Czech Fishing Association has nearly 300 000 members.There are a wide range of fishponds where sport fishing is organized. A lot of tourists from other European countries come to fish here.

Sport fishing in Trebonsko

The Trebon Region (Třeboňsko) is the most famous fish farming area in the Czech Republic and it offers excellent conditions for sport fishing along South Bohemian rivers and at fishponds. Every season, Fishery Trebon, which owns and manages most of the fishponds in Trebonsko, organizes sport fishing on selected fishponds.

Examples of fishponds selected for sport fishing

    The Svet Pond (Rybnik Svět), located in the town of Trebon
    The Hejtman Pond (Rybnik Hejtman), located in the town of Chlum u Trebone
    The Stankovsky Pond (Rybnik Staňkovský), located in the village of Stankov, near the town of Chlum u Trebone
    The Novy Kanclir Pond(Rybník Nový Kanclíř), located close to the town of Chlum u Trebone

What kind of fish can you catch in Trebonsko?

The most commonly caught fish in Trebonsko are carp. The Trebon Carp, which grows in excess of 20kg (45lb) has been recognized by the EU register as a Protected Geographical Indication for its unique quality. The other examples of fish species you can catch here are pike, catfish, grass carp, tench, pikeperch, eel and perch.

In 2004, a colossal catfish was caught in the Hejtman Pond. The catfish was 202 cm long and it weighed 64 kg. The population of catfish has increased in the Stankovsky Pond over the last few years. The carp weighing about 20 kg, pike weighing about 10 kg and a catfish weighing 33kg were caught in the Novy Kanclir Pond. The fishponds designated for sport fishing are stocked with fish throughout the year.
Recreational fishing in the Trebon Region

You can go fishing at selected ponds even if you are not officially registered fisherman in the Czech Republic. Fishery Trebon, which owns and manages most of the Trebon fishponds, organizes so-called “recreational fishing”, which is for everybody who is interested in angling. You only need to choose from the fishponds selected for recreational fishing and buy “a license for angling” at the selected points of sale. Of course, every fishpond has its own schedule and rules for fishing.

Fish farming in Trebon
The common carp is a traditional, natural product of the South Bohemia. It has been bred in the fishponds of the Trebon Basin for centuries, using the same time-tested, ecologically sustainable methods of care. The local fishponds are supplied with fresh water through a unique artificial canal – The Colden Canal- in the river valley of the Luznice. The nourishment of the Trebon carp is based on natural food sources in ponds in combination with supplemental grains. All these unique conditions influence the specific quality of the Trebon carp.

Please do not hesitate to contact Jiří if you need more information about sport fishing on the fishponds in the Trebon Region. We are also able to arrange “a license for angling” for you.